The Noor al Hussein and King Hussein Foundations are working in the field of poverty eradication and women’s empowerment, microfinance, family health, and arts as a medium for social development and cross-cultural exchange. These programs promote human security, social equity and peace, mainly in Jordan and the broader Arab and Asian regions.  The foundations have provided hundreds of millions of dollars in micro-lending program and support to families in Jordan, as well as business training, and scholarships for girls.

50% of each purchase will be sent to the King Hussein Foundation to support programs such as:

Education and Leadership Program: You will help the Jubilee School Scholarship Fund sponsor the education of outstanding students with leadership potential from disadvantaged areas in Jordan.

WAGE: Women and Girls Empowerment Program- Securing the Future: You will help provide crucial financial micro-lending and non-financial services to entrepreneurs to start and sustain their businesses. You will empower marginalized women to contribute to the wellbeing of their families and to the economic growth of their communities.

Family Health: You will enable low-income women, children and families, including Jordanians, Syrian and Iraqi refugees, to access high quality health care and psychosocial services.

Noor Al Hussein Foundation Community Development Programs: You will support the development of forward-thinking programs to advance social and economic progress in Jordan and the region.